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At present, more and more people accept Container House as their dream house. Container House , made from used steel containers that once carried merchandise on large ships, is nice and desirable house in today’s society. And now, wise business man began to develop container house as a new industry. Container houses these days are made by manufacturers with better frame and material.

Previously, people look into building houses by using recycled cargo container, which is the prior idea of container house. They certainly are a green alternative to other materials and using them does a lot of good for the recycling community. There are lots of unused and empty cargo containers sitting at ports all over the world which we rarely notice. They do nothing but take up space, even worse, they are sent off to landfill.

Just like the throwaway of soda cans which most consumers still don’t notice, manufacturers of goods and the shipping companies that ship those goods see them as disposable items. It's actually rather expensive for countries to ship unused and empty containers back to their original country and quite often it's cheaper to buy new containers when the need for them arise.

On the other hand, the cost of owning a container house is much less than owning a traditional house. Even with the added cost of having to configure and finish the basic units to make them into a home it's still quite a savings over traditional home building methods.

Besides, with the development of our society, container house are being accepted as part of society. Although the most popular places foor container houses has been in parts of Asia and in the former Soviet Union, recently, it has started showing up in the United States, especially in southern California.

Of course it does take a bit of construction work to fix up these steel containers including installing insulation, plumbing, electrical, windows and doors. Yet, when all is said and done, the Sentry Box are made from recycled materials, cheap and unique. And this is just what many green home owners are looking for right now.

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