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By the time that he was 20, Lewis Stone had turned prematurely grey. He enlisted to fight in the Spanish American War and when he returned, he returned to be a writer. This turned to acting and he began to appear in films during the middle teens. His career was again interrupted by war as he served in the cavalry during World War I. After the war, he returned to films and quickly graduated to lead roles. With his distinguished look and grey hair, he was able to play the roles of well mannered romantic men. In 1921, Lewis starred in Don't Neglect Your Wife (1921). In the next year, he starred with Alice Terry, who played the heroine, and Ramon Novarro in The Prisoner of Zenda (1922) and Scaramouche (1923). In 1924, Metro merged into the new MGM where Lewis remained for the rest of his career. He was busy over the next few years and garnered an Academy Award nomination for The Patriot (1928). In 1928, he appeared in the first of a series of pictures with Greta Garbo. In A Woman of Affairs (1928) he played the older doctor, a friend of the family. But two years later in Romance (1930), he played her lover. Lewis made the transition from silent to sound with The Trial of Mary Dugan (1929), which starred Norma Shearer. Sound did not cause Lewis any problems and he continued to be busy with his roles as the distinguished lead. The Big House (1930) was highly successful for MGM and he appeared in other popular movies such as The Phantom of Paris (1931) with John Gilbert and Red-Headed Woman (1932) with Jean Harlow. He appeared with Garbo in Inspiration (1931), Mata Hari (1931), Grand Hotel (1932) and Queen Christina (1933). In the late 30s he took on a role for which he was long remembered - the role of Judge James Hardy who had a son named Andy. Judge Hardy was the father audiences wanted in the late 30s early 40s. He was kind, intellectual, fair and as patient as he had to be with Andy, played by Mickey Rooney. This series occupied most of his screen time until it ended and he did slow down during the late 40s. In the 50s he continued to appear in a number of pictures including remakes of the two he had made 30 years before with Alice Terry. He suffered a heart attack and died in 1953 after appearing in over 200 films.

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Nov 15, 1879 в Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.
Кино / ТВ Кредиты:
Впервые появился:
на movie Nomads of the North 1920-09-25
Последний проект:
Кино Complicated Women 2003-05-06
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Кино Complicated Women 2003-05-06
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Кино My Past John Thornley 1931-05-03
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Кино The Secret Six Richard 'Newt' Newton - Attorney at Law 1931-04-18
Кино Always Goodbye John Graham 1931-05-31
Кино The Phantom of Paris Costaud 1931-09-12
Кино Mata Hari Andriani 1931-12-26
Кино Strictly Dishonorable Henry Greene 1931-12-26
Кино The Sin of Madelon Claudet Carlo Boretti 1931-10-23
Кино Strictly Unconventional Clive Champion-Cheney 1930-05-03
Кино The Big House Warden James Adams 1930-06-14
Кино Romance Cornelius 'Corny' Van Tuyl 1930-08-26
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Кино A Woman of Affairs Dr. Hugh Trevelyan 1928-12-15
Кино The Notorious Lady Patrick Marlowe / John Carew 1927-03-26
Кино The Private Life of Helen of Troy Menelaus 1927-12-09
Кино Confessions of a Queen The King 1925-03-29
Кино The Lost World Sir John Roxton 1925-06-22
Кино Cytherea Lee Randon 1924-05-04
Кино The World's Applause John Elliott 1923-01-29
Кино Scaramouche The Marquis de la Tour d'Azyr 1923-09-15
Кино The Prisoner of Zenda Rudolf Rassendyll / King Rudolf 1922-09-11
Кино Beau Revel Lawrence 'Beau' Revel 1921-03-19
Кино Don't Neglect Your Wife Langdon Masters 1921-07-31
Кино Nomads of the North Cpl. O'Connor 1920-09-25