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Harry Carey

Born in New York City to a Judge of Special Sessions who was also president of a sewing machine company. Grew up on City Island, New York. Attended Hamilton Military Academy and turned down an appointment to West Point to attend New York University, where his law school classmates included future New York City mayor James J. Walker. After a boating accident which led to pneumonia, Carey wrote a play while recuperating and toured the country in it for three years, earning a great deal of money, all of which evaporated after his next play was a failure. In 1911, his friend Henry B. Walthall introduced him to director D.W. Griffith, for whom Carey was to make many films. Carey married twice, the second time to actress Olive Fuller Golden (aka Olive Carey, who introduced him to future director John Ford. Carey influenced Universal Studios head Carl Laemmle to use Ford as a director, and a partnership was born that lasted until a rift in the friendship in 1921. During this time, Carey grew into one of the most popular Western stars of the early motion picture, occasionally writing and directing films as well. In the '30s he moved slowly into character roles and was nominated for an Oscar for one of them, the President of the Senate in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). He worked once more with Ford, in The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936), and appeared once with his son, Harry Carey Jr., in Howard Hawks's Red River (1948). He died after a protracted bout with emphysema and cancer. Ford dedicated his remake of 3 Godfathers (1948) "To Harry Carey--Bright Star Of The Early Western Sky."

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Jan 16, 1878 в The Bronx, New York, U.S.
Кино / ТВ Кредиты:
Впервые появился:
на movie An Unseen Enemy 1912-09-09
Последний проект:
Series Церемония вручения премии «Оскар» 1953-03-18
Известный в фильмах
Poster of They Knew What They Wanted
Poster of Born Reckless
Poster of The Last Outlaw
Poster of Black and White
Series Церемония вручения премии «Оскар» Unknown 1953-03-18
Кино Red River Mr. Melville 1948-08-26
Кино So Dear to My Heart Head Judge at County Fair 1948-11-29
Кино Angel and the Badman Marshal Wistful McClintock 1947-02-15
Кино The Sea of Grass Doc J. Reid 1947-04-25
Кино Дуэль под солнцем Lem Smoot 1946-12-31
Кино The Great Moment Professor John C. Warren 1944-09-06
Кино Air Force Crew Chief 1943-03-20
Кино Happy Land Edward 'Gramp' Marsh 1943-11-10
Кино The Spoilers Al Dextry 1942-05-08
Кино The Shepherd of the Hills Daniel Howitt 1941-07-18
Кино Parachute Battalion Bill Richards 1941-09-12
Кино Among the Living Doctor Ben Saunders 1941-12-19
Кино Sundown Dewey 1941-10-31
Кино Beyond Tomorrow George Vale Melton 1940-01-01
Кино They Knew What They Wanted The Doctor 1940-10-19
Кино Code of the Streets Detective Lieutenant John Lewis 1939-04-13
Кино Burn 'Em Up O'Connor P.G. Delano 1939-01-13
Кино Street of Missing Men Charles Putnam 1939-04-24
Кино Мистер Смит едет в Вашингтон President of the Senate 1939-10-19
Кино Port of Missing Girls Captain Josiah Storm 1938-02-24
Кино You and Me Jerome Morris 1938-06-03
Кино Sky Giant Col. Cornelius Stockton 1938-07-22
Кино The Law West of Tombstone William 'Bill' Barker 1938-11-18
Кино King of Alcatraz Captain Glennan 1938-09-30
Кино Gateway Commissioner Nelson 1938-08-05
Кино Кид Гэлэхэд Silver Jackson 1937-05-29
Кино Racing Lady Tom Martin 1937-01-29
Кино Border Cafe Tex Stevens 1937-06-04
Кино Annapolis Salute Chief Martin 1937-09-10
Кино Born Reckless Dad Martin 1937-07-09
Кино Danger Patrol Sam Street 1937-11-18
Кино Souls at Sea Captain of the William Brown 1937-09-03
Кино Sutter's Gold Kit Carson 1936-03-01
Кино Ghost Town Cheyenne Harry Morgan 1936-02-15
Кино The Prisoner of Shark Island Commandant de Fort Jefferson 1936-02-28
Кино Little Miss Nobody John Russell 1936-06-05
Кино The Last Outlaw Dean Payton 1936-06-19
Кино Aces Wild Cheyenne Harry Morgan 1936-12-21
Кино The Accusing Finger Sen. Nash 1936-11-17
Кино Valiant Is The Word For Carrie Phil Yonne 1936-10-06
Кино Wagon Trail Sheriff Clay Hartley 1935-04-08
Кино Powdersmoke Range Tucson Smith 1935-09-27
Кино Last of the Clintons Trigger Carson 1935-11-12
Кино Barbary Coast Jed Slocum 1935-10-13
Кино Wild Mustang Joe 'Wild Mustang' Norton 1935-10-21
Кино The Thundering Herd Clark Spraque 1933-03-01
Кино Man of the Forest Jim Gayner 1933-08-24
Кино Sunset Pass John Hesbitt 1933-05-26
Кино Law and Order Ed Brandt 1932-03-01
Кино Without Honor Pete Marlan 1932-01-02
Кино Border Devils Jim Gray 1932-04-03
Кино The Last of the Mohicans Hawkeye 1932-05-17
Кино The Night Rider John Brown / Jim Blake 1932-08-22
Кино The Devil Horse Bob Norton / Roberts 1932-11-01
Кино Trader Horn Aloysius 'Trader' Horn 1931-05-23
Кино The Vanishing Legion 'Happy' Cardigan 1931-06-01
Кино Cavalier of the West Captain John Allister 1931-11-15
Кино The Trail of '98 Jack Locasto 1928-03-20
Кино The Prairie Pirate Brian 'The Yellow Seal' Delaney 1925-10-10
Кино The Night Hawk 'The Hawk' 1924-02-17
Кино Roaring Rails Big Bill Benson 1924-09-20
Кино The Kickback White Horse Harry 1922-06-30
Кино West Is West Dick Rainboldt 1920-11-21
Кино A Gun Fightin' Gentleman 1919-11-29
Кино Hell Bent Cheyenne Harry 1918-07-05
Кино Straight Shooting Cheyenne Harry 1917-08-27
Кино Bucking Broadway Cheyenne Harry 1917-12-24
Кино The Three Godfathers 1916-06-18
Кино Black and White 1913-08-27
Кино Friends Bob Kyne - the Prospector 1912-09-22
Кино An Unseen Enemy The Safe Cracker 1912-09-09
Кино So Near, Yet So Far A Thief 1912-09-29
Кино The Painted Lady At Ice Cream Festival 1912-11-24
Кино The Burglar’s Dilemma Older Crook 1912-12-16
Кино The Musketeers of Pig Alley Snapper's Sidekick 1912-10-31