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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Robert "Bob" Bergen (born March 8, 1964) is an American voice actor. He is the current voice of Porky Pig (having performed the character in Tiny Toon Adventures, Space Jam, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and the Duck Dodgers TV show), and formerly hosted Jep!, a kids' version of the popular game show Jeopardy! Bergen was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also responsible for the voice of Lupin the Third for the Streamline Pictures dubs in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bob Bergen has played Lupin the Third in: Mystery of Mamo (directed by Soji Yoshikawa), The Castle of Cagliostro (directed by Hayao Miyazaki) and Lupin the Third's Greatest Capers (2 TV episodes from Series Two directed by Hayao Miyazaki). He also played the part of No-Face in the 2001 academy award winning movie Spirited Away and Kai and Masaru in the anime classic Akira. He is also one of the announcers on Disney Channel and voices Bucky the squirrel in The Emperor's New School. He is also responsible for the voice of Luke Skywalker in over a dozen Star Wars video games as well as Robot Chicken's Star Wars Episode I and Star Wars Episode II Specials. He also provided the voice of Wembley and the World's Oldest Fraggle from Fraggle Rock (animated). Bergen was selected to play the animated versions of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Link Hogthrob in the ill-fated Little Muppet Monsters and also voiced characters of the day in the 1987-1989 seasons of Jim Henson's Muppet Babies He was the voice of Comet for the highly successful, 'The Santa Clause', 'The Santa Clause 2', and 'The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause'. Description above from the Wikipedia article Bob Bergen, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

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Mar 8, 1964
Кино / ТВ Кредиты:
Впервые появился:
на movie Гремлины 1984-06-07
Последний проект:
Кино Гадкий я 3 2017-06-15
Известный в фильмах
Poster of Робоцып: Звездные войны
Poster of Duck Dodgers
Poster of Похождения императора
Poster of Сабрина – маленькая ведьма
Кино Гадкий я 3 Additional Voice (voice) 2017-06-15
Series Jeopardy! broadcast information Unknown 2016
Кино Тайная жизнь домашних животных Additional Voices (voice) 2016-06-18
Кино Зверопой Additional Voices (voice) 2016-11-23
Кино Головоломка Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited) 2015-06-09
Кино Луни Тюнз: кролик в бегах Porky Pig 2015-08-04
Кино The Numberlys 3 (voice) 2015-12-05
Кино Побег с планеты Земля 3D Movie Guy (voice) 2013-02-14
Кино Университет монстров Additional Voices (voice) 2013-06-20
Кино I Know That Voice Himself 2013-11-06
Кино Конь-огонь Additional Voices (voice) 2013-11-27
Кино Лоракс Additional Voices (voice) 2012-03-01
Кино Foodfight! Additional Voices (voice) 2012-06-15
Кино Ральф Additional Voices (voice) 2012-11-01
Series Луни Тюнз шоу Unknown 2011-05-03
Кино Аэро-Мэтр Additional Voice Talent (voice) 2011-08-04
Кино Самозванец Condorman / Additional Voices 2011-11-23
Кино Рапунцель: Запутанная история Additional Voices (voice) 2010-11-24
Кино Феи: Волшебное спасение Cheese (voice) 2010-08-13
Кино Робоцып: Звездные войны. Эпизод III Luke Skywalker (voice) 2010-12-19
Кино Вверх Additional Voices (voice) 2009-05-13
Кино Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Bugs / Creatures / Cheese 2009-09-03
Кино Облачно, возможны осадки в виде фрикаделек (voice) 2009-09-17
Кино Феи: Потерянное сокровище Bugs & Creatures (voice) 2009-09-03
Кино WALL·E None 2008-06-27
Кино Хортон Additional Voices (voice) 2008-03-03
Кино ВАЛЛ·И Axiom Passenger (voice) 2008-06-22
Series Big & Small 2008-10-06
Кино Робоцып: Звездные войны. Эпизод II Luke Skywalker (voice) 2008-11-16
Кино Феи Fireflies (voice) 2008-10-27
Кино Робоцып: Звездные войны Luke Skywalker (voice) 2007-07-17
Series The Emperor's New School 2006-01-27
Кино Тачки (voice) 2006-06-08
Кино Луни Тюнз: Ну, с Рождеством! Porky Pig / Speedy Gonzales / Tweety Bird 2006-11-14
Кино Новые приключения Золушки Additional Voices (voice) 2006-09-14
Кино Похождения императора 2: Приключения Кронка Bucky (voice) 2005-12-05
Series Duck Dodgers The Eager Young Space Cadet 2003-08-23
Кино Луни Тюнз: Снова в деле Porky Pig (voice) 2003-11-14
Кино Планета сокровищ Additional Voice (voice) 2002-11-26
Кино Золушка 2: Мечты сбываются Additional Voices (voice) 2002-02-23
Кино Скуби-Ду и кибер-погоня Eric Staufer 2001-10-09
Кино Унесённые призраками No-Face / Frog / Additional Voices (voice: English Version) 2001-07-20
Кино Корпорация монстров Additional Voices (voice) 2001-11-01
Кино Похождения императора Bucky the Squirrel 2000-12-09
Кино Стальной гигант Additional Voices 1999-08-06
Кино История игрушек 2 (voice) 1999-10-30
Series Сабрина – маленькая ведьма Tim the Witch Smeller 1999-09-06
Кино Приключения Флика (voice) 1998-11-25
Кино Superior Duck Porky Pig (archive footage) 1996-08-23
Кино Космический джэм Bertie/Hubie/Marvin the Martian/Porky Pig/Tweety (voice) 1996-11-15
Кино Carrotblanca Tweety as Usmarte (voice) 1995-08-25
Series Человек-паук Unknown 1994-11-19
Series All-New Dennis the Menace 1993-09-11
Кино Пес из Лас-Вегаса 1991-08-02
Кино Трудный ребенок Additional Voice (voice) 1990-07-27
Series Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series Wembley Fraggle (voice) 1987-09-12
Series Jim Henson's Little Muppet Monsters 1985-09-14
Кино Гремлины Mogway/Gremlins (voice) 1984-06-07