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Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford began in the theater at age seven. Then known as "Baby Gladys Smith", she toured with her family in a number of theater companies. In 1907, she adopted a family name Pickford and joined the David Belasco troupe, appearing in the long-running The Warrens of Virginia". She began in films in 1909 with the 'American Mutoscope & Biograph [us]', working with director D.W. Griffith. For a short time in 1911, to earn more money, she joined the IMP Film Co. under Carl Laemmle. She returned to Biograph in 1912, and, in 1913 joined the Famous Players Film Company under Adolph Zukor. She then joined First National Exhibitor's Circuit in 1918. In 1919 she helped to establish United Artists. Date of Death 29 May 1979, Santa Monica, California (cerebral hemorrhage)

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Apr 8, 1892 в Toronto - Ontario - Canada
Кино / ТВ Кредиты:
Впервые появился:
на movie The Violin Maker of Cremona 1909-06-07
Последний проект:
Кино La naissance de Charlot 2013-12-29
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